Thrillist: Tacos Chiwas Slays


I wrote a story for about a new taco shop in Phoenix, and it was published it on…. wait for it… National Taco Day.


After writing two extensive Mexican Food Guides to the Valley for PHOENIX Magazine (2011, 2015), I’ll admit that one taco shop can easily blend into the next taco shop, and to be frank, we have dozens of good — but not outstanding — taco shops. We also have a few fantastic ones and a few crappy ones.

When I discovered Tacos Chiwas (from a local chef who owns one of my favorite Mexican restaurants — full disclosure, I went to culinary school with the chef), I realized Tacos Chiwas was not your average taco shop.

Below is a link to the article I wrote about the couple who started Tacos Chiwas. The photos for the article were taken by local photographer Chanelle Sinclair, and really do the shop justice (unlike mine, snapped with an iphone).

I think you’ll agree that one of the reasons Tacos Chiwas is special is because these two young entrepreneurs are passionate and have a story to tell. Another reason is mentioned in the article, and it has to do with the tortillas. But the main reason is everything is fresh and delicious and made with pride.

If you are in Phoenix, you might want to add Tacos Chiwas to your to-do list.


Tacos Chiwas
1923 E. McDowell Rd, Phoenix

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