Rickshaw Ramen


Ketchum, Idaho is a small town (population less than 3,000) nestled in the Wood River Valley 92 miles east of Boise.

Its adjacent neighbor Sun Valley gets more attention as a world-famous ski resort. But Ketchum does alright.

One reason is Rickshaw, a delightful restaurant serving a dizzying array of Southeastern Asian small plates like Chiang Mai noodles and Balinese cucumbers.


This summer, chef/co-owner Andreas Heaphy added a new special…. traditional Japanese ramen.

I wrote a story for Sun Valley Magazine about how this steaming bowl of comfort ended up in Heaphy’s repertoire.

Here’s an excerpt.



A Slice of Japan Comes to Sun Valley

by Gwen Ashley Walters

Forget that 49-cent brick of desiccated noodles paired with a salt-laden packet of powdered “flavoring.” Today’s trendiest dish is 180 degrees from that dormitory staple of yore. Ramen originated in China, but Japan made it its own, elevating the bone-warming bowl of comfort—think Nipponese chicken soup—to cult status. Blame the long-simmered broth, the slab of melt-in-your-mouth pork belly, the soft-boiled egg, pickled bamboo shoots, pink-and-white-spiraled fish cakes, a wisp of toasted seaweed—and those springy noodles—for creating ramen-mania.

Thanks to enterprising American chefs, ramen is all the rage from San Francisco to Sun Valley to New York.

Wait, Sun Valley? ….

Go to the Sun Valley Magazine website for the full story.

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