Turkey Eggs

I knew he was special the first time I interviewed him. He was quiet and humble in that sort of way people who are good at what they do are.

He never once bragged about his skills. When I interviewed other chefs about him, well, they bragged plenty about him. But from him? Not a peep.

When I dropped off copies of the magazine with his article in it, he pulled out a small cardboard box — one of those recyclable takeout containers.

He had written my name on the box. Inside were five beautiful, mottled brown and white eggs, much larger than chicken eggs.

“Turkey eggs,” he said. “I love turkey eggs. They’re kind of unusual and I thought you might like them.”

Yeah, I did like them. And I like him, too. He’s a good egg.

His name is Eytan Zias, and he is the knife whisperer.

You can read my story about him here in Edible Phoenix.

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