The Knife Whisperer

Ask any chef — or serious home cook for that matter — what’s the most important tool in the kitchen, and the answer is “my knife.”

Unlike most home cooks, though, professional chefs keep their knives razor sharp because nothing makes their job easier than a finely tuned knife.

If you live in Phoenix and you’re a chef, you already know about the Phoenix Knife House and its proprietor, Eytan Zias.

Chefs routinely hang out at Zias’ knife shop, shooting the breeze and ogling his extensive collection of Japanese knives.

I’ve bought a couple knives from Phoenix Knife House and I love them. And, I trust Zias more than I trust myself to keep my knives sharp.

Look how thin my Kanetsune knife cuts an apple. I love this knife. It’s a cleaver, really, but a lightweight one, designed for slicing fruits and vegetables.

Zias helped me pick it out after we discussed how I cook, what knives I already had, and after I picked up several knives in his shop to see how they felt in my hand.

I just heard some big news for Zias and his Phoenix Knife House: He’s moving the store from its south Scottsdale location to bigger digs in Arcadia.

And he’ll host knife sharpening seminars after he’s up and running for those that want to learn how to sharpen their own knives, but I think I’ll still hand mine over to Zias to sharpen. He’s a master.

Follow Phoenix Knife House on Facebook for updates and watch for the Grand Opening announcement, slated for some time in early October.

If you don’t already know about the Phoenix Knife House, then read my story in Edible Phoenix, and find out why people call Zias: The Knife Whisperer, and see which five knives Zias recommends for every kitchen.



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