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Delectable news for the food-obsessed, especially those who live in Phoenix, Arizona. The Killer Dish, a food blog focused on exceptional restaurant dishes around the Valley, is set to launch tomorrow.

The man behind the blog is Dominic Armato, a Phoenix-based food blogger whose former food blog, Skillet Doux, was named a finalist in the 2011 SAVEUR magazine food blog awards. Skillet Doux was also named Best Food Blog in Phoenix by the Phoenix New Times in 2012.

Armato set Skillet Doux aside at the end of 2012 to develop the Phoenix-based food community discussion board, Phoenix Food Nerds, which boasts nearly 500 members. Now that the discussion board is up and actively running, Armato decided the time was right to re-enter blogging.

The Killer Dish came about because Armato noticed an angle in the Valley’s dining media coverage that he thought was lacking.

“It’s about the dish,” Armato says, “And everything that goes into making it a great dish.”

The Killer Dish should appeal to anyone who likes to dine out, not just hard-core, restaurant junkies. Each post will cover only one dish: who is making it, how it’s made, and, if pertinent, why it’s made the way it is. Armato aims to provide an educational slant on top of drool-inducing photos and mouth-watering descriptions.

One of the first posts is a Gilfeather rutabaga dish from the award-winning restaurant, FnB. Armato interviewed James Beard nominated chef/owner Charleen Badman about how the dish came about and how she makes it, and then goes on to write about the historical context of the heirloom root vegetable.

Posts are short enough to digest easily, but long enough to fill the belly. Other posts will feature notable dishes from ethnic restaurants, a particular love interest of Armato’s. Readers can join the conversation, too, by recommending favorite dishes they’d like the blog to cover. Over time, Armato plans to expand the geographical coverage of dishes as he travels to other parts of the country and even abroad.

“My hope is it pushes people to think about what makes a dish great rather than simply “I like it” or “I don’t like it,” Armato says. “It’s all wrapped up in educational context.”

And that, the educational bent — not to mention solid food writing and stunning pictures — is why we are excited to follow The Killer Dish.

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