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When Sun Valley Magazine Editor Adam Tanous asked me if I wanted to write a story on wild game and restaurants for the Winter issue (out now), I jumped at the chance. I wanted to explore what kinds of game are served in restaurants, and educate diners about why that elk chop or bison burger might not be as “wild” as they think. There are lots of reasons to choose game over traditional meats, and I cover those reasons in the article, too. I had the chance to talk to some notable local Sun Valley chefs and gather tips for cooking game meats, and I spoke with wine pros about how to pair wines with game dishes.

Below is an excerpt with a link to the full article on the Magazine’s website, but first I want to thank the amazing chefs who took time to talk to me and share their restaurant links with you: Doug Jensen (Cornerstone Bar & Grill), whose braised rabbit poutine makes my heart flutter; Kate Metzger (il Naso), who pairs quince with elk like nobody’s business; and Scott Mason (Enoteca Restaurant, Town Square Tavern and Ketchum Grill), who has an interesting side story about a bear.

I also want to thank Stuart Siderman from Mountain Pride, a wholesaler specializing in game and wild seafood, and Atkinsons’ Seafood Manager, Bart Lee, who is an avid hunter and smokes a mean venison roast. I’d like to thank wine wizard, Craig Spiller of Sun Valley Wine Company, who took time during a very busy season to point me to which wines to pair with which dish. I also had some help from Arizona based Certified Wine Specialist Nate Claiborn and Pavle Milic of FnB.  Lastly, I’d love to point out the crazy talented Paulette Phlipot, who took swoon-worthy photos of the food mentioned in the article; makes me want to grab a fork and dig in.

Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Idaho has more than 500 wildlife species, but don’t count on any of them landing on local restaurant tables. In an ironic twist of definitions, the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) doesn’t consider “wild game” to be meat or poultry.” (Taming the Wild Article — Sun Valley Magazine, Winter 2015/2016)


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  1. Victoria C
    Victoria C says:

    Terrific piece, Gwen. You had ME at elk, but the photo of the duck confit with Borlotti beans is making me whimper. 🙂


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