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By now everyone has heard of Grant Achatz  — but you may not have heard of Curtis Duffy.

Duffy’s story was featured in this Chicago Tribune story — it’s an amazing one.

One would have had to live in a closet to miss his achieving two Michelin stars for Avenues, the $$$$ restaurant in Chicago’s Peninsula hotel. (Okay, full disclosure, we’re Facebook friends).

When you read that he’s worked for Charlie Trotter and Grant Achatz, it’s easy to assume he got all the breaks. That’s far from the case. OK, maybe he caught a couple, but you can’t deny that he has worked hard.

As I read the CT story, I wished everyone would find the thing that drives them. I wished that people could overcome a small percentage of what he overcame. I wondered how much is pre-determined, or do you make your own destiny?

I hope you read His Saving Grace by Chicago Tribune features writer Kevin Pang.

If you don’t have time to read the full article, take five minutes to watch the videos for a peak behind closed doors and then take a look at his newly opened Grace.

Tell me, what do you think now?

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