PHOENIX Magazine’s Italian Dining Guide


Ciao, bel mondo! I wish I could speak Italian. I can’t, but I sure can eat it with abandon, and write about it, too. That’s exactly how I spent the better part of three months earlier this year, working on comprehensive guide to Italian dining in the Valley for PHOENIX Magazine.

The May issue, on newsstands now, features the frutti del mio lavoro, expertly edited by Craig Outhier and transformed into 24 magnifico pages of un assaggio di Italia by the masterful art department, headed by dirttore Brian Goddard.

You can get a sneak peek at the issue on the PHOENIX Magazine website. Subscribers get full access, by the way, not to mention early delivery of the magazine before it hits newsstands (a shameless plug for you to buy a subscription, yes.)

The feature covers:

  • My top 10 essential Italian restaurants (there are some surprises on the list.)
  • 5 Italian delis you must visit & why.
  • Q & A with two titans of the Italian dining scene, Angelio Livi of Avanti & Tomaso Maggiore of Tomaso’s
  • Pizza pyramid. Guess who is on top? But did you know about the others?
  • Pasta Primer … where to get some of the best handmade pasta in town.
  • More than 45 neighborhood Italian joints & what makes them special.

So you see, there’s a little aperitivo for everyone. Go take a peek for yourself, and then if you spot it on the newsstands, pick up a copy.


Buon appetito!


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