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I always pinch myself every time the PHOENIX Magazine editor asks me if I would like to do a cover story for the magazine, but none more so than when she asked if I would write a comprehensive guide on Asian food in the Valley.

Dream job? Yes. You see, I (obviously) love to eat and write, but when an element of research comes in to play, it’s icing on the cake. I love to study food and culture, and this assignment let me do just that.

I had help from friends who are Asian, friends who love Asian food, and a silent but no less important friend, the library.

We cover the Far East cuisines of Thailand, Japan (including sushi), China (including 2 pages dedicated to dim sum), Vietnam, Korea and the Philippines. Before I started this story, I had no idea the Phoenix metro area had such depth in each of these cuisines.

We point out 12 essential Asian restaurants — both modern and traditional — but throughout the whole 24 pages, we cover nearly 50 worthwhile restaurants. I’ve eaten at every one of them and I have the chopstick skills to prove it.

We also take a look at Asian markets and the wide world of Asian noodles. I can’t tell you how gorgeous the Art Department made my words look on the page.

I have one correction, if you do have a copy. On page 91, I mention “Chuanbei hot sour bean noodles” from Kong Fu Gourmet, but the correct name for this fabulous food court gem in Mesa’s Mekong Plaza is Kong Fu Gyoza. They have wonderful pan-seared dumplings and dan dan noodles, too.

The magazine is on the stands now, so I hope if you’re in town that you’ll pick up a copy.

If not, you can go here to get a taste of what’s inside my PHOENIX Magazine May 2013 — Asian Food Guide.

Finally, I have one favor to ask of you. If I missed an Asian restaurant special to you, please let me know in the comments. I am always up for a new adventure.










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