Pen & Fork’s New Look


[drum roll] … Pen & Fork has a Bold! Fresh! New! look as of today!

We’ve simplified the navigation, making it easier for you to find recipes and other information you’re looking for. Like how to cook Swiss chard… who has the best fried chicken in the country… how to make pie dough… and what should I make with the butternut squash in my CSA?

The first thing you might notice is that it’s mobile friendly, so no matter which device you use — phone, tablet, laptop or desktop —  to find our recipes, book reviews and restaurant recommendations, the information is easy to read and search.

Links to Chef Gwen’s social media icons are in the very top right corner (and also at the bottom of every page), so you can follow along on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and Instagram. We don’t always post every Instagram photo to Twitter, so be sure to follow us on Instagram if you don’t already.

The navigation bar is simpler:

Home: where you’ll see 9 of our most recent posts (and more if you click on the extra pages at the bottom).

About: that’s where you can read about Chef Gwen’s background. And about Linda Avery, Pen & Fork’s cookbook reviewer, a former food editor with a James Beard award to her credit. You’ll also find links to all three of Chef Gwen’s cookbooks.

Recipes: here’s where to find all of Chef Gwen’s original recipes.

Book Reviews: Linda Avery is Pen & Fork’s CCR — Chief Cookbook Reviewer — and all her cookbook recommendations (which include a recipe) are captured here. By the way, we only write about books that we would recommend to our readers, but that doesn’t mean Linda doesn’t point out any shortcomings — she does.

News: here we cover events of note. We might tell you about a chef coming to town, or about a fundraiser we think you’d like to hear about, or about a new restaurant opening.

Eat Here: we know you like to eat as much as we do, so we’ll tell you about some great restaurants to go to and what to order if you do go.

Oh. One more thing, please sign up for our monthly email newsletter (at the bottom, on the left in the big red bar). Even if you’ve signed up before, we ask that you do it again (someone here… not mentioning any names… accidentally deleted the email file).

We promise to deliver a simple email with some useful information at least once a month. As always, we never ever share your email with anyone. Period. You can read the full privacy at the bottom of the About page.

So that’s it. Same great content (and more added all the time) in an easier format.

Big thanks to web developer, Melissa Ek of ekMedia for the amazing job she did transforming the old Pen & Fork into this new, vibrant, responsive design.

We’d love to hear what you think. And thank you for reading Pen & Fork!





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