Pen & Fork wins Food & Travel Blog Award

Most people would say that they love to travel and they love to eat. I count myself lucky to be able to travel and eat and then write about it, sharing my experiences with others. For me, the journey begins with a fork.

Today I learned that my blog was a finalist in the Tripbase Blog Awards 2009.


Food and travel writing has been a big part of my culinary writing career, and is the basis for the three travel destination cookbooks I wrote. Now I relish in bringing travel and food experiences to others through this blog.

I’m extremely honored that such a prestigious travel service (which was recognized by Travel + Leisure Magazine as the top travel website in 2008) has recognized my blog.  So, thank you,

Who I really want to thank is you…for coming along with me.

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  1. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    Congrats Gwen! That is so exciting and I can’t think of a more deserving person. It is so refreshing to escape with you on your journeys…….thanks for taking us along! Can’t wait to see what is next for you………


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