New App connects Phoenix Food Lovers, Chefs and Farmers


Let’s say you want to host a dinner party in your home with a local chef who uses local farmers to source ingredients.

There’s an app for that. Or there will be soon.

A new app called bites. will connect Phoenix food lovers with chefs and farmers for experiential dining opportunities.

The app, created by Roza Ferdowsmakan, launches in beta both for iPhone and Android users on July 1, and will be free to download.

Here is how the app works:

  1. Foodies download the app to their mobile device. Then they log on to search for available chefs and dates for their party. Or just for dinner for themselves, it doesn’t have to be a party. Once they find a chef available on the date they want, they book their event.
  2. Local professional chefs (and culinary students and personal cooks) who want to participate will create a profile on the website and set their available dates for hire by foodies. Chefs can also set up menus and upload photos of the dishes. Chefs can list which farmers they work with, as well.
  3. Post event, foodies can go back to the app to review and rate the chefs.

Ferdowsmakan, 45, a tech founder and tech attorney, has always been an advocate for local food. Her first job, at age 13, was picking produce on her uncle’s farm in northern Utah.

A dinner party she attended, also when she was 13, provided another eye-opening experience. She was introduced to quiche, which she’d never had before. Her host told her to put a bite in her mouth, then close her eyes and experience the warm, buttery, eggy tart. It was the first time she thought of food as a sensory art form.

The idea of picking and then cooking and eating local food stuck with her throughout her life. Nothing like this app currently exists in Phoenix, or elswhere that Ferdowsmakan is aware of, and she feels there is an untapped market for this experiential connection between food lovers and the chefs who want to cook for them.

Ferdowsmakan said, “I want to convey what each ‘user’ on the app gets. Foodies get culinary adventures; culinary talent gets to share their passion for cooking with the community; and local farms gain exposure and more sourcing of foods from their farms, encouraging them to grow more for us locally.”

Interested foodies, chefs, culinary students, and personal cooks should go to the website and sign up to be notified of the launch at

You can also follow along on the Facebook page:



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