Happy Mother’s Day…I miss you.


Dear Mom,

Happy Mother’s Day. I wish you were here. I would cook something for you. Something fancy because you were always so impressed when I did.

I can’t believe it’s been almost five years since you left us. I still think about you every day.

I’m not sad like I was in the beginning. Now I can think about you and smile, not cry — almost. I can laugh, and feel joy that I have all these wonderful memories of you before you got sick.

The tea rose bush that my neighbor gave me after you passed away is flourishing, no thanks to me. It must be soaking up your energy and it goes through multiple cycles of blooming and re-blooming.

Steve and I almost have your Thanksgiving down pat. Still can’t get the dressing just right, but we’ll try again next year.

Even though you’re not physically here today, you are in my heart. And maybe I’ll even prune my herb garden in your honor. You’d be horrified to see how overgrown it is.

Or, maybe you wouldn’t be surprised at all. You’d just get on your knees, shears in hand, and start trimming, humming the melody to Gloria Gaynor’s “I will survive.”

Love you… miss you… thank you.

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  1. Teresa
    Teresa says:

    What a beautiful picture and such a sweet, heartfelt tribute! Your mom would be so honored……….hold her memories close to your heart and she will continue to walk by your side………thanks for sharing a wonderful part of your life.

    • Gwen Ashley Walters
      Gwen Ashley Walters says:

      Liz, thank you. More importantly, your family will thank you. It’s very small price to pay for peace of mind…and life.

  2. Jean | Delightful Repast
    Jean | Delightful Repast says:

    Gwen, what a beautiful woman! And what a beautiful piece of writing! My mother died 25 years ago when she, too, was far too young. And, like you, I still think of her every day. We are both blessed to have had mothers who can still make us smile, and even laugh, long after they’ve died.


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