Leslie Brenner

Leslie Brenner, photo by Manny Rodriguez

Maybe you’ve heard of Leslie Brenner. She is the award-winning restaurant critic for The Dallas Morning News.

Maybe you are aware that a Dallas chef famously “screamed” obscenities at her, heard around the globe on Twitter, for his 3 star review (3 stars, mind you, is “very good: a destination restaurant for this type of dining”).

Before Leslie took over the critic’s pen in Dallas, she was a book author and the Food Editor of the Los Angeles Times. She has serious writing chops.

Leslie is also an avid home cook. She launched a new blog to document her adventures in her home kitchen. It’s called Cooks Without Borders. The recipes and photos “leap” off the screen. Sometimes Leslie shares an original recipe for a quick weeknight meal. Other times she dives into favorite cookbooks and re-images the recipes (always with full attribution, she is a respected journalist, after all). Other times she invites friends into her home to cook with her and share their recipes.

I think you’ll find a whole lot of inspiration on her blog, from a roasted cauliflower recipe with Punjabi spices to “cheater” hummus to spaghetti alla carbonara. Go on, go take it for a spin. Tell her I sent you.




4/20 – this post was updated to correct Ms. Brenner’s title at the Los Angeles Times. she was the Food Editor, not the dining critic.