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A new food magazine is on the horizon, and I’m pretty excited about it. And if you are, too, you can contribute to the launch via a Kickstarter campaign that launches this Friday.

[UPDATE 4.4.14: The Cleaver Quarterly Kickstarter campaign is active from now until April 30.]

The Cleaver Quarterly falls more in the food journal category than traditional food magazine, as it will publish quarterly and focus on long-form food writing in a fairly narrow niche — if you can call the world of Chinese food “narrow.”

It may be a niche publication but the topics The Cleaver Quarterly will cover are diverse. In the first issue, look for:

  • A profile of David R. Chan, the man who has eaten in more than 6,000 Chinese restaurants.
  • A look at Sweet Mandarin, the UK’s “Best Local Chinese Restaurant” according to Gordon Ramsay.
  • An article on Sichuan mulled beer.
  • An infographic comparing English and Chinese recipes for Kung Pao Chicken.
  • Photo essays on Taipei night markets, Chinese chefs with their cleavers and vintage enamelware.
  • And more short and long-form stories delving into the culture of Chinese food around the globe.

The magazine comes courtesy of three experienced editors, writers and publishers. Collectively, they’ve spent more than 25 years in China.


Jonathan White (Executive Publisher) is a writer and editor who has lived in Hong Kong and Beijing, where he spent four years as the Managing Editor of a city events and listings magazine. He will put almost anything in his mouth, as long as it is spicy.

Lilly Chow (Managing Editor) has been published in Gastronomica and edited Beijing Eats: A Food Lover’s Companion to China’s Culinary Capital, an in-depth look at more than 30 regional Chinese cuisines and 140 Beijing restaurants.

Iain Shaw (Brand Director) was the Dining and Nightlife Editor of a local events and listings magazine, before moving into a social media marketing role as Director of Digital Communications & PR of Beijing-based publisher True Run Media.

From the editorial team:

“Considering the sheer variety of cuisine within China, Taiwan and Hong Kong – and how Chinese food has taken root and evolved in other countries – it’s safe to say we’ll never run out of things to cover. With our correspondents around the globe and the ambitious and idiosyncratic narratives that we intend to showcase, we’ll tell the stories behind the recipes, whether it’s the savory double-steamed soups of Jiangxi province, microbrewing in Taiwan or egg rolls in Eden Prairie, Minnesota.”

Follow @ReadTheCleaver on Twitter, and visit The Cleaver Quarterly’s Facebook page for details.

And don’t forget The Cleaver Quarterly’s Kickstarter begins Friday, April 4th.

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