Check Please!

checkpleaseDid you know that there are 27 steps to fine dining? I didn’t either, until I went to culinary school. One of my classes was restaurant management, and as part of the class, we waited tables in the school’s fine dining restaurant, while our sister class played chefs in the kitchen.

Now, 27 steps might seem excessive…you think? It is. But interestingly, we were told that the most important step (I think it was step 23) was picking up payment for the check. That makes total sense. If you’re running a restaurant, the most important step is getting the money, right?

It’s important to the customer, too, because once they throw money down, they want to wrap up the meal and be on their way. Or even if they want to linger a bit, getting the check out of the way is good for the guest and the server. It doesn’t let the server off the hook in terms of making sure your needs are still met — more water or coffee or tea?

Even casual restaurants need a certain amount of dining steps. Twenty-seven is overkill in my opinion, even at a fine dining restaurant, but taking care of the check is important no matter what kind of restaurant it is.

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