Arizona’s Home Baking Law in Flux


I wrote an extensive article in the October issue of PHOENIX Magazine on the Arizona Food Cottage Law that was passed in 2011.

The law allows home bakers to sell non-hazardous baked goods (think cookies, brownies, granola, etc.) that are baked and packaged in their home kitchens, with certain stipulations.

During my research for the story, I uncovered a thorn in some home bakers’ sides. Despite the law, the largest county in Arizona, Maricopa County, published guidelines that, in effect, cut off wholesale opportunities to these budding bakers.

An opinion issued by the Arizona State Attorney General basically said the County had no authority to supersede the law. That official opinion did not impress the fellas at the County health department. But public opinion might.

The County is revisiting the Maricopa County Environmental Health Code Chapter 8, to determine whether or not to allow establishments they issue permits to, to sell home baked and confectionery goods from the State’s registered home bakers.

The State sent an email to all home baking registrants (and several of them sent it to me) with the following information on how to let their voices be heard:

Stay informed by checking Maricopa County’s website for updated information on the following:

If you have an opinion, either way, on whether the Maricopa County health department should or should not get in the way of the state law governing the sale of home baked goods, now is your chance to weigh in.

Use the links above to send your comments to Maricopa County via online or via email, and/or attend the two upcoming meetings on October 8 and October 28.

Your opinion counts.

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  1. sags
    sags says:

    I think Maricopa county shouldn’t limit our right to sell our baked goods to coffee shoppes,etc. It’s income for us and may help some for the economy. What are they afraid of? Long as we follow the laws and regulations, all is well.


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