1st Place in Food Writing from AFJ

CLOUD NINE, friends!

That’s where I’ve been since winning 1st place from The Association of Food Journalists for my “Saintly Stockers” article published in PHOENIX Magazine. The awards were handed out on September 21, at their annual conference, which was held in Seattle. (Skip to the end for a link to the story, but first I want to thank some very special folks that helped me win this.)


I want to thank Craig Outhier, Editor of PHOENIX Magazine, for thinking my idea was worth exploring. I especially want to thank the people I wrote about for opening up and trusting me with their story.

You see, “Saintly Stockers” is about the Mormon practice of storing food… enough for up to a year… and what I learned from talking to many different people, is that it’s not just for Mormons. And some Mormons practice this doctrine a little differently than what the church prescribes.

The article is a beast at more than 4,000 words. It took me almost three months, off and on, to research and write. And I asked a couple of chef friends to develop recipes using only products one would find in a Mormon pantry. Challenging, to say the least, but Charleen Badman of Fnb and Bernie Kantak (Citizen Public House, The Glady) rose to the challenge. I think their recipes are inspiring for anyone.

If you want to read the beast, here is the link.

And finally, gracious thanks to AFJ for this tremendous honor.



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