Breakfast in Boulder

Boulder, Colorado topped a recent poll as “Happiest Place To Live.” Pollsters surmised fitness and healthy eating factored into why Boulder residents are ecstatic.

Perhaps, but I think it might have more to do with the breakfast fare at Lucile’s and Foolish Craig’s.

Sure, you can get a healthy bowl of granola at both places, but with miles of hiking surrounding Boulder, you might need a few more calories before hitting the trails.

Here are some picks for building up sustenance before lacing up your hiking boots.


Porch seating for the cheery Victorian house one block north of downtown is at a premium on cool summer mornings, and by 8 o’clock on a Saturday, Lucile’s tiny patio is packed.

Inside, several dining rooms add charm to the Creole flavored dishes like pain perdu (below, left), a French baguette sliced at an angle, dipped in egg and seared on a griddle.

Lucile’s is just as famous for mile-high buttermilk biscuits (above, right), baked in a large sheet pan and cut into squares, served with foil-wrapped butter pats and homemade strawberry jam.

Eggs Pontchatrain, named after the lake that borders New Orleans, is two poached eggs with Béarnaise sauce served over spiced, pan-fried trout with thin grits. I love the old-school garnish of a sprig of parsley.

Foolish Craig’s Cafe

Artsy, funky Foolish Craig’s is all about crepes, and although crepes aren’t the only things on the breakfast menu, they caught the attention of the Diners, Drive-ins & Dives crew, who featured the Pearl Street icon last March.

The namesake crepe is stuffed with bacon (of course), sauteed mushrooms, potatoes, roasted red peppers, and topped with eggs your way (scrambled anyone?) and chunky salsa.

The green chile burrito may not get as much love as the crepes, but it’s respectable, if not nearly spicy enough.

Scrambled eggs, black beans and roasted potatoes fill the flour tortilla and a mild green chile pork stew is ladled on top of cheddar cheese.

The side of creamy grits is better than respectable, and in fact, Craig needs to teach Lucile the proper way to whip up a batch of grits.

Now, you tell me, what would make you a happy camper: one of these hearty breakfast plates or a bowl of granola?


2124 14th Street, Boulder, CO

Foolish Craig’s Cafe
1611 Pearl Street, Boulder, CO

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  1. Linda
    Linda says:

    These pictures and descriptions make me want to jump on a plane to Boulder tomorrow morning… instead I’m off to Fort Lauderdale, FL… ugg! Do you know of any great places to eat there? Inside, only, please! 🙂 xoxo


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