Big Earl’s BBQ Opens In Scottsdale

Big Earls BBQ Scottsdale

Saddle up partner, there’s a new BBQ sheriff in town, and when he’s not confit-ing duck legs and escargot-ing snails, he’s manning a smoker just a few blocks away.

That’s right, Chef James Porter of Petite Maison has thrown his hat into the Valley’s BBQ ring with the February 4th opening of Big Earl’s BBQ in Old Town Scottsdale.

Big Earls BBQ MenuUp until now, central Scottsdale residents had to cattle drive south to Joe’s Real BBQ in Gilbert or mule pack up north to Cave Creek to Bryan’s BBQ for some serious ‘cue.

Big Earl’s (named for Porter’s father, Earl) hits all the BBQ styles from Texas brisket ($14.99) to Carolina pulled pork ($13.99) to St. Louis pork ribs ($19.99).

‘Cue isn’t BBQ without sides and Big Earl’s is slinging $2.99 goods like fried okra, potato salad, coleslaw and mac ‘n cheese.

Look for sandwiches, plates, ribs and combos, and even a “tasty parts” menu section featuring fried sweetbreads, pickled pigs feet and crisped pig tails.

And what’s ‘cue without something to whet your whistle? Big Earl’s is stocking the usual suspects, like Lynchburg Lemonade made with Jack Daniels and draft beers like Bud Light and Shiner Bock (along with some decent craft brews like Four Peaks and Odell). Sweet tea is, of course, also on the menu along with Monster Energy Drink (huh?)

They say the sauce is the secret, although some ‘cue aficionados insist sauce is optional. Big Earl’s has teamed up with the Valley’s Desert Smoke BBQ, headed by larger-than-life Tony Morales. Big Tony has custom-bottled an original Big Earl’s sauce as well as his popular sweet and spicy blend.

Big Earls BBQ Sauce

Several things on the menu don’t involve BBQ at all, like fried catfish po’boy ($8.99), a veggie burger ($7.99) and southern style sausage balls with hot mustard ($5.99).

Sausage Balls at Big Earls

But make no mistake, this is a barbecue joint. It’s just one with solid Southern roots, punctuated with Georgia grits and collard greens.

Collard Greens at Big Earls

Expect a little fancy cheffing here and there, too. After all, Porter is a French classics trained chef — who happens to love barbecue.

Big Earl’s BBQ
7213 East 1st Avenue, Scottsdale
(website under construction)

Opens for dinner February 4 at 5 p.m. and opens for lunch beginning Saturday, February 5 at 11 a.m.

7 replies
  1. Tim Neff
    Tim Neff says:

    I tries Earls for lunch this week. Had the hot links sandwich.
    It very good! The sweet & spicy BBQ sauce was terrific. I even added
    Earls habanero sauce for more kick! I strongly recommend this news BBQ joint.

  2. Steve Skinner
    Steve Skinner says:

    Been there twice.
    Visit 1 – brisket was ok. nothing special. Sides were great – Beans and potato salad.
    Visit 2 was a disaster. Server took order wrong and delivery of the wrong order took forever. My pulled pork was good. Then we had to wait for my wife’s fried chicken. When it did arrive my wife’s chicken was sent back as undercooked. The first bite before we saw it was undercooked was most unimpressive. It tasted of cooking oil like the oil was not hot enough. Colonel Sanders, rest his soul, does much better and its certainly not as good as LOLO’s (which is all the rave around here but also substandard to my southern fried background.)

  3. jerry
    jerry says:

    Went for lunch today, and I have to say that I was completely unimpressed. By buddy and I both had the brisket, which most closely compared to beef jerky, but with much less flavor… I brought it to the attention of our server, and asked if it was perhaps leftovers from a previous day? HEr response ” No sir, this is just how we serve our brisket”.. It was so bad in fact that no amount of sauce could save it, and therefore, neither of us could finish what we paid 14 bucks for..

    My side of potato salad was good, but definitely not enough to come back for a second try.. Sorry Earls, bad food, small portions, and high prices just wont cut it..

  4. john
    john says:

    OMG this is the worst place ever, dry not enough sauce poor service. Its like they threw this joint together Chef Porter must have his hands tied by some investment BS THis is soooo not his style


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