Pumpkin Seeds….


Pumpkin seeds are also called pepitas, and the little green seed is actually inside of a completely edible white hull.

Sometimes you see large, flat white seeds (the brand David comes to mind) and other times you see the green seeds. Some pepitas are elongated, others are more oval, and the inner seed comes in various shades of green. Different pumpkins produce different shapes and sizes.

Raw pumpkin seeds can be toasted just like any other nut or seed, and they’re delicious just tossed with a little salt after roasting, or toasted with other spices like cumin or chile powder.

Sure, you could toast your own pumpkin seeds if you’re ambitious.

One of my favorite bloggers, Jess Thomson of Hogwash, wrote a post recently about just how to spend an entire evening doing so. (I’m kidding… it only takes a little while and a propensity to get your hands slimy.)

Cracking open the white hull to get to the green seed is a little more daunting.

I guess I’m lazy and the Trader Joe’s down the road carries both raw pepitas (great for my granola) and toasted and salted (great for snacking).

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