Go Green with Spirit – 360 Vodka

360-vodkaWe may never surpass the Russians in vodka consumption but apparently we’re giving it our best shot, based on the expanded shelf space dedicated to the popular white spirit and the sheer number of new vodka-based drinks.

Now there’s an American “green” choice, giving double meaning to the “drink responsibly” mantra.

Distilled in Missouri, the 360 Vodka folks are serious about their “eco-luxury” vodka, billing it as the “world’s first eco-friendly vodka.” And they’re not just giving lip service to the green movement.

The company says they’ve been recycling since 2003. Last year, their employees recycled 210 tons of material and they moved to a four day, 10-hour work week. (I bet the employees love having an extra day to play and drink…and recover.)

360 Vodka is also putting its money where its mouth is, giving back through their “close the loop” program. Cleverly, the company is asking buyers to return the removable bottle closure and in return, they are donating $1.00 to domestic “recognized environmental causes.” They’re even paying the postage.

For more details, go to www.vodka360.com. You must be of legal drinking age to surf their site.

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