Fashion Statement? Onion Goggles

OnionGogglesWhoever took this picture needs to take a class on self-portraits. I’m only sharing this awful picture of me because it relates to the coolest and most effective kitchen toy I’ve found in years… and I did find this a couple years ago, but now Onion Goggles are all the rage.

I snapped this picture for my younger brother. We were separated by a 1,000 miles, each in our own respective kitchen, making cornbread dressing for the holidays. It takes A LOT of chopped onions to make our Mom’s dressing, and I had just purchased this snazzy eye ware. He didn’t believe me so I emailed him a picture.

He, of course, just threw his onions in the food processor to avoid shedding tears, but I like to use my knife and can’t stand all the onion-eye crying — so I was giddy with joy to have my new glasses and show them off.  You can get a pair, too, at most kitchen stores and Amazon.

I took them to the cooking classes I taught last week, and everyone exclaimed outrageous envy over my 2008 fashion statement of the year –after they stopped laughing, which produced a few tears, but not from me.  My eyes were dry, thanks to the too-cool onion goggles.

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