5 Stocking Stuffers for Gourmet Cooks

What do you get the cook on your list who already has the perfectly appointed kitchen?

1. Pretty print baking cups from Sur La Table. $6.00.

Got a baker on your list? Give them these wild baking liners for their exotic muffins and cupcakes. Grrrrrrh….

2. Tortoise rimmed onion goggles from Chef Tools. $18.99.

Don’t laugh. They work and could be considered stylish…sort of…at least more stylish than my lime green rimmed ones.

3. Oval-shaped ice cream scoop from Globe Equipment Company. $15.67.

It’s how top restaurants scoop their perfectly shaped oval ice creams and sorbets.

4. Chocolate spatula with built-in thermometer from Chef’s Catalog. $18.95.

Serious chocolate makers know that tempering chocolate creates a uniform sheen and perfect snap. Tempering requires stirring heated chocolate to cool it to a precise temperature, which is different for each type of chocolate (dark, milk, white). The thermometer on this stirring spatula is labeled with that perfect temperature.

5. Burn Cream MD from Amazon.com. $23.96.

No cook worth his or her salt has ever escaped a burnt finger, palm or arm. This cream takes the sting away and helps with healing.

Happy shopping. Who knows, you might find something for yourself, too.

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