What Katie Ate on the Weekend


What Katie Ate on the Weekend

by Katie Quinn Davies
Photographs © Katie Quinn Davis

Facts: Viking Studio, an imprint of Penguin Books,  $40.00 (or Amazon Hardcover $23.99)
Recipes: 100
Photos: Lots! …could be twice as many as there are recipes


What Katie Ate … on the Weekend” is Katie Quinn Davies’ second book following the tremendous success of “What Katied Ate: Recipes and Other Bits and Pieces,” released in October, 2011. With the first book, she captured the attention of the international community as evidenced by translation into 10 languages.

Her first book also brought her the James Beard Award for Excellence in Photography. Her unique style is captured not only in the food photos (then and now), but in the design of the book, too. A colleague described it as an Anthropologie-like approach, which I read as metropolitan yet free-spirited and bohemian. I agree.

As the title indicates, the book is all about what she loves to cook on the weekend. Chapters include foods for various themes: Weekend in the Barossa (Australia), …in Dublin (where she is from, although she resides in Sydney now), …in Italy, Weekend Girls Lunch, Mexican Weekend… and the book is peppered with an occasional menu.

In addition to her food and drink photos, she includes travel photos and fun party photos. Her creativity permeates her recipes. The Spiced Apple and Salted Butterscotch Pavlova caught my eye the first time I flipped through the book. A smattering of other recipes include Chorizo Rosti with Duck Eggs and Anchovy Mayo; Quinoa and Grape Salad (with chickpeas, mint, dried cranberries, spinach – yum); Chia-Seed Quiche with Ocean Trout and Potato; Green Pizzas with Mushrooms; and Victoria Sponge Cake with Limoncello and Balsamic Strawberries.

To give you a better feel for the “Anthropologie-ishness” of the book, I’ve scanned this Spiced Lamb with Lemon recipe.



Who doesn’t love leg of lamb, especially when perfumed with cardamom, coriander, fennel and just a hint of cinnamon? Pay attention to the time. This dish needs four hours to marinate, plus another hour and a half or so for cooking and resting.



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