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Champagne Grapefruit Vinaigrette

Grapefruit is available year round, thanks to staggered growing seasons among the handful of states that produce it: California, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Peak season is October through March. I’ve always thought that the pink and red varieties were sweeter than the pale-fleshed ones, but apparently it isn’t true. Ripeness is one of the factors […]

Baked Acorn Squash

Here’s an easy, how-to-bake acorn squash recipe. Totally a wild guess, but I think the acorn nut shape of this squash has something to do with the name. It comes in all the fall colors (green, burnt orange, yellow) but the most common variety is dark green. It weighs anywhere from 3/4’s of a pound […]

“Real Deal Margaritas”

I always liked the name “real deal.” Maybe it’s because I’m a Texan by birth. It’s a term that means something. The first recipe that jumped out at me in Dotty Griffith’s book, The Contemporary Cowboy Cookbook, was this margarita recipe. I’ve met Dotty, and I think she’s the real deal, too. Not everyone agrees […]

Chef Gwen explores Provence…

After flying to Marseille from London, we take a high speed train to Avignon and a taxi across the Rhône river to the tiny village of Villeneuve-lés-Avignon. We want to be close enough to explore the vibrant Provencal city of Avignon, but not stay in the fray. The little village across the river is quaint, […]