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2015 Arizona Press Club Award

I’m going to take a minute to brag, so please forgive me. I submitted a feature article I wrote for PHOENIX Magazine in the 2015 Arizona Press Club awards, food and beverage writing category … and I won 2nd place! It’s the first time I’ve entered and I’m extremely honored I placed at all. The story, “Saintly […]

Cooks Without Borders Blog

Maybe you’ve heard of Leslie Brenner. She is the award-winning restaurant critic for The Dallas Morning News. Maybe you are aware that a Dallas chef famously “screamed” obscenities at her, heard around the globe on Twitter, for his 3 star review (3 stars, mind you, is “very good: a destination restaurant for this type of […]

Cabbage, Potato & Bean Soup

Don’t even get me started on the near-90 degree weather Phoenix is experiencing this week. It’s just wrong. I shouldn’t complain, especially after seeing friends struggling with snowy conditions elsewhere, but we went from a pleasantly cool winter to dangerously-close-to-summer in less than a blink of an eye. I still have warm, comforting soups I want […]

Best Way to Seed A Pomegranate

I thought I knew the best way to seed a pomegranate: under water. I wrote about seeding pomegranates under water way back in 2009. It’s still a fine method, make no mistake, but now I think there is an even better method. I first read about it on Letty’s Kitchen, but I wasn’t sure I’d prefer it […]