Flirty Grapefruit Smoothie


I am under the gun on an exciting assignment (sorry, I can’t tell you a thing about it yet), and as I pondered the possibility of not posting here this week, my palms got sweaty. I’ve posted something at least once a week since 2009. But then I suddenly had an idea.

You know how some of you want me to write a smoothie cookbook?

Yeah, well, that’s not likely to happen anytime soon, but I can direct you to the lovely Ms. Bumble Ward’s blog, Miss Whistle, for a recipe for one of my favorite smoothies, a flirtatious thing that involves pink grapefruit, goat’s milk caramel and the exotic star anise spice.

Bumble (yes, that is her real name, isn’t it smashing and yes she is gorgeous, brilliant and British) asked me if I would give her a recipe to post for her #FabulousFebruary series.

I would have given it to her anyway, but when she name-dropped that Amanda Hesser had just given her a recipe for the World’s Best Almond Cake (apparently Amanda has a crush on Bumble’s cute-as-pie pup Thistle), how could I say no? Well played, Ms. Ward, well played.

Without further ado, go here to Miss Whistle and get the recipe for my ultra-flirty smoothie, Grapefruit + Caramel + Star Anise and please give it a go.



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