Stove Top Grilling with a Pepper Grate

Pepper GrateThis handy little tool could have been on my top ten list of useful kitchen tools. It gets a regular workout in my kitchen.

From roasting ears of corn to tomatillos to peppers, the pepper grate transforms my stove top to an instant grill (although, it’s not appropriate for grilling meat, or anything that will drip fat, unless you’re fond of cleaning up the mess.)

Still, it’s my go-to tool when I need a roasted red bell pepper or even a roasted tomato to add a little charred flavor to a sauce.

It works best with gas but I’ve used it on an electric flat top (not nearly as effective as licking flames, but it does work, albeit slower.)

Where can you get one? The Santa Fe School of Cooking carries the pepper grate for about 30 bucks.

Tips for using a pepper grate:

  • Set the flame to medium-low to begin, and adjust as you go along.
  • Use long tongs to turn the food so that you don’t burn your hand.
  • Peppers can take a higher flame than tomatoes or tomatillos because the whole point is to blister the entire surface of the pepper.
  • Poke the tip of a knife into peppers before you roast to allow steam to escape so they don’t burst.
  • You can “grease” the produce first, with a little oil or butter but use sparingly so that it doesn’t drip fat onto the stove.
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  1. Michele Redmond
    Michele Redmond says:

    I just bought one of these on a sur la table gift card with pressure from an enthusiastic sales person who was flumuxed by my inability to find anything in the store I needed.

    So I went on-line to see if it was just another kitchen gimmick and your site popped up second–a person I trust!!!

    • Gwen Ashley Walters
      Gwen Ashley Walters says:

      Michele, how funny! I’m not surprised you couldn’t find anything you needed because, like me, you probably have all the good, basic tools. But I do love my pepper grate. I use it frequently to blister a jalapeño when I don’t feel like firing up the big grill outside. I use it to char tomatillos and tomatoes and onions, too, for salsa. Hope you get great use out of it.

  2. Michelle
    Michelle says:

    Is there something similar on Amazon? I’ve looked and looked. I am always using poblanos – summer and winter. In summer the outdoor grill is great but in winter, I need to go stovetop.

    • Gwen Ashley Walters
      Gwen Ashley Walters says:

      There is a pepper-type grate on Amazon, but it’s different from this one. I see that the one I bought from Santa Fe School of Cooking is still sold on their site. You could buy it from there. I still have mine and it works great, after all these years.


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